2017: Year of Awakening Learners and Refreshing Educators

It’s 2017! Wow! It really is incredible how quickly time flies. Well, unless you are waiting for your food to warm up in the microwave. For some non-scientific reason, that time seems to slow down. Hunger is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

I am now in the second semester of my eighth year teaching middle school science. Who else can say that they have been stuck in middle school for eight years aside from a teacher?

As I embark on this new semester, I would like to take a moment to remind all educators to sit down and think deeply about creating their own ‘classroom’ resolutions. Self assessment has been a vital factor in my growth as a teacher. The craft we call teaching is so complex but yet so rewarding that I feel at times we forget our value. Well, let me remind you of your worth! You, my friend, have the chance of a lifetime to make a difference in the mind of a child. You make an impact, a lasting impression on their hearts. So make those moments count! Let go and give your whole heart to a group of young people who will remember you most not by the content that you taught but how you made them feel when they were with you.

My 2017 Classroom Resolutions:

  1. MEET THEIR NEEDS. No matter what the challenge, deficit or delay may be, I will bridge gaps. I will make connections. I will build rapport. I will consistently measure their learning and do my best to meet them at their individual needs.
  2. IMPROVE CLASSROOM CULTURE. I want to embrace the diversity and challenges with a positive, equitable approach so that ALL of my students feel safe and welcome when they walk in my classroom! I want them all to feel as if I am teaching for them.
  3. COMMUNICATE WITH FAMILIES MORE. Using my class roll, I will make a goal to communicate with each of my student’s families (all 152) expressing only positive attributes about their child. It’s amazing what a little praise can do.
  4. FORGIVE! I will always be short to anger and quick to grace. I will proactively investigate the underlying causes of misbehavior rather than be reactive. Students need to see their teachers showing forgiveness to others. After all, they are kids. And they are watching us!
  5. ENCOURAGE THEM TO TAKE RISK. To often many students are reluctant to do so in fear of failure. I will let them see me take risks as well. I will be transparent. I will  apply rigorous measures and high expectations so that they can challenge themselves to reach the goal. I will celebrate in their successes and encourage them in their failures.

Let 2017 be the year of AWAKENING all learners and REFRESHING all educators!



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